Preventing the risk of perineal tearing during childbirth

BabySlide is a medical device invented by Knut Haadem, Chief Physician at Helsingborg hospital Sweden, in close collaboration with experienced midwives to reduce the risk of perineal tearing during childbirth.

BabySlide has been documented in a randomised controlled trial with 1,148 women in three hospitals in southern Sweden. The study showed that BabySlide significantly reduced the incidence of perineal tearing. The protective effect was more pronounced in women giving birth for the first time, but women who had given birth previously also benefitted from BabySlide.*

BabySlide is CE-marked and used in obstetric care – please contact us for more information.

* ”A perineal protection device designed to protect the perineum during labor: a multicenter randomized controlled trial” Lavesson, T., et al., (2014) European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology 181:10-14.

How to use BabySlide

The tongue is inserted when crowning is visible for 4-7 cm in the introitus. The tongue reduces the pressure occurring centrally against the perineum when the head is maximally crowned. BabySlide is transparent enabling visibily of the tissue, and can be used during instrumental delivery. BabySlide is free from latex and pvc.