“It really works!”

-I can absolutely recommend midwives to use BabySlide, as it decreases tears in perineum, says Helen B Nilsson, midwife at Helsingborg hospital. She has worked as midwife for 42 years and has been part of the test group in the development of BabySlide.

– In the beginning I was sceptical, but now I like it a lot. It is easy to put in place, it protects the perineum and vagina and it really works!


”I have not met any woman who felt discomfort while using BabySlide. I suggest you try BabySlide.”

Ann-Sofi Karlsson, midwife at Helsingborg hospital


– I have used BabySlide during many births and it definately decreases the number and size of tears, says Ann-Sofi Karlsson, midwife at the obstetric clinic at Helsingborg hospital. Ann-Sofi has worked as midwife for 39 years and has been part of the development of BabySlide.